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Christmas Tree Lane lighting ceremony this Saturday (2006)

Christmas Tree Lane lighting ceremony this Saturday (2006)

This site has been getting a bunch of hits for searches for Christmas Tree Lane. Altadena’s avenue of deodar giants will be lit for the first time this Saturday. (I finally figured it out— they hold the ceremony on the 2nd Saturday in December, so I’ve saved the dates for every December from now until […]

U.S. abandons wounded vets

Yesterday, NPR ran Daniel Zwerdling’s story on how the Army is ignoring and punishing those suffering mental anguish from the Iraq War. Listen on Windows Media or Real Audio. Iraq and Afghan Veterans of America: How Specialist Town lost his benefits. Read the Fine Print, Soldier. Trust No One. The doc who recommends a certain […]

Where I didn’t go last night: John Edwards at All Saints, Pasadena

Pasadena Star News has the story. (Where did I go instead? Yoga. My back, don’t you know.) UPDATE: Local videoblogger Gena (from Out On The Stoop) attended, and shot video. She has two posts (each with video): In her first, she describes what it was like to be there, and in a second post, includes […]

php code: “tag cloud” style

Jenny at PHP Tag Cloud Tutorial. A snippet of extremely commented code that helped me do what I wanted to do with a funky SQL query.