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Back to, er, normal?!

I’m back from a long holiday break. Family that gathered numbered up to 18, I believe. The youngest member (5 months old) got baptized yesterday; I am now a godmother, or Tía Madrina (Aunt Godmother). Alas, Doc M and I fell ill Friday. Tried to fight things off with liquids, sleep, Vitamin C, and a […]

Downgrading Firefox

Firefox just upgraded itself to Now it crashes every few minutes. Oy. Here are instructions for how to downgrade Firefox.

dabble. video search

Mary Hodder, CEO of Dabble, explains what it is to clear up a misconception. [via Jeneane] Dabble is not a host. It’s search. Dabble searches all video content across all hosters, as well as other sites on the web, and we continue adding more results to our search engine every day. When I saw that, […]

MGS won’t phone home

Since early this beginning of the month, Mars Global Surveyer hasn’t been sending any detectable signals. It may be at the end of its career. See also Emily Lakdawalla’s blog post and news story about MGS for the Planetary Society. “Mars Global Surveyor has surpassed all expectations,” said Michael Meyer, NASA’s lead scientist for Mars […]


Talking turkey: Using the Thanksgiving turkey rituation to tell terrorists a thing or two. Jon Swift: I think if this year the President reversed years of tradition and shocked the world by announcing that he was sentencing the turkey to death instead of pardoning it, the terrorists would realize that we really mean business.

Nowhere Fire

It sounds a little like the “Who’s on first?” routine. There’s a fire. Where? Nowhere. Nowhere? How can there be a fire nowhere? Don’t you mean Now here? Gee, I hope the fire doesn’t reach here now. No, Nowhere. The fire is called Nowhere because it’s near the Bridge to Nowhere. Pasadena Star News reports […]