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Gizmo Project

I’ve joined the 21st centurions doing Voice over IP. thanks to Bro-ski for dragging me into it. Since I’ve gotten all this nice audio equipment for Family Oral History, it’s pretty easy to mic my voice into the computer. Gizmo Project. Here’s bro-ski’s IMed comment: …and paying your hard-earned money to the chiselling cell co’s […]

7.9 quake near Japan. Tsunami watch

so far, no wave. But 7.9… damn! Epicenter: Kuril Islands, a chain of islands between Japan and Russia.

Last Call! Final day to submit to Carnival of Genealogy

Today’s the deadline to submit to the Carnival of Genealogy. I think the incoming link expires just before midnight central time. Not pacific. So get it in before 10pm Pacific tonight! Theme: Solving technical problems while working on your family history. Have you encountered a technical problem while working on your family history? Did you […]

Copyright apartheid; corporate or individual?

Twice within twelve hours I’ve encountered news stories about online content. Both by MSM sources. Both mention –and attempt to intelligently discuss– copyright concerns. Both imply that only corporations have copyright. They’re mixing up copyright itself with the right to exploit that copyright. Corporations have exploited their copyrights more often and more thoroughly than individuals. […]


I hereby declare November to be NaJusBreMo: National Just Breathe Month. Make sure, every day, to just breathe. iiiiiiiiinhaaaaale. eeexxxxhhhaaaaaallle. If you’ve taken 50,000 breaths at the end of the month, consider yourself to be a winner! I’d create a nice spiffy logo and have sign ups and stuff, but I’m concentrating on breathing. inhale. […]