Politics: live in the forest, trout-fish naked, on LSD. Or something.

My guilty pleasure blog obsession of late has been following the Lamont (D) — Lieberman (CFL) campaign for the Senate seat in Connecticut. The other candidate, the all-but-ignored Republican Alan Schleisinger, came out swinging in a recent debate and put his name on the map: pow! Another debate was held today. At MyDD, Matt Stoller takes the pulse of the campaign. It’s a circus! It’s fun again!

It’s not that Lamont has overperformed, or that Joe has melted down, it’s that Connecticut Election 2006 has gone off the deep end. It’s not your normal white picket fence suburban election, with attack ad facing attack ad. No, this is more like a white picket fence election that suddenly gets bored with life and decides to live in the forest, take a bunch of LSD, trout-fish naked, and taunt a bear cub before ending its life suddenly and with total and inexplicable resolution on November 7.

Then, in comparing the Schleisinger to Ross Perot (remember 1992?), he pits two improbable adjectives together [emphasis mine]:

both tap into a xenophobic and charming right-wing populist streak in the American electorate

Charming. Xenophobic. Two great traits that trait well together.

There’s much more. Highly recommended.