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Politics: live in the forest, trout-fish naked, on LSD. Or something.

My guilty pleasure blog obsession of late has been following the Lamont (D) — Lieberman (CFL) campaign for the Senate seat in Connecticut. The other candidate, the all-but-ignored Republican Alan Schleisinger, came out swinging in a recent debate and put his name on the map: pow! Another debate was held today. At MyDD, Matt Stoller […]

Riverbend is back

I’ve seen word here and there that Riverbend, of Baghdad Burning hasn’t posted since August 5. She broke her silence today.

The next Osama video

It’s time to start the betting pool. Yes, he’s on the run. But he always manages to get a video out just in time. [Y]ou need to start taking bets on when the OBL video will be released. I’m thinking the Friday morning before the election. […] You know OBL is coming. He has to. […]

Flight Patterns

Air traffic data made into maps, made into QuickTime movies. Fascinating. [via Hal Rager (Blivet)]