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Hand sanitizing

A few weeks ago, I saw this NYTimes article: staff at Cedars-Sinai hospital successfully modified behavior for the greater good. Culture doctors’ hands. Wait. Photograph the bacteria. Convert to screensavers hospital-wide. Watch the rate of hand-washing go way, way up. Above 90% Happy-Hospital-Certification to damn near 100%. Hooray. A few days ago I recalled the […]


Red-hot and Filthy Library Smut. [via BoingBoing] Photos of libraries, lovely and learnéd enough to make a bibliophile weep. Alas, Alas, the great library of Alexandria is not among the libraries pictured here.

Know thine enemy. Unless they’re Shiite or Sunni.

In which a journalist asks Washington counterterrorism officials this question— “Do you know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni?” —and reports their answers. The upshot is the same as the previous post, but with no hilarity whatsoever. [via tristero] Along related lines (knowledge is power, fun facts about the Middle East) check out […]

Border security: three elephants and a mariachi band

A candidate for congress arrives at a border town, observes lax security, and arranges a test. Sobering and hilarious all at the same time. [via Colin McEnroe]