Satellite dish fire at JPL: Sentencing

This past March, a man snuck into JPL and set a satellite dish on fire. He pled guilty and is sentenced to 3 years of prison. [via Nasawatch] Upcoming: a hearing about paying restitution, to the tune of $180K.

Pasadena Star NewsInvestigators said Willkerson parked his car at nearby La Ca ada High School, cut through two fences and took apart a third to get into the JPL compound. He carried two gallon cans of flammable liquid, a bucket of rags, road flares and other materials onto the grounds and set the base of the satellite dish on fire, prosecutors said.

What baffles me is the motive. Alas, the AP didn’t get any word about what the heck Tyrone Willkerson was thinking when he did it.