Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t out, don’t discriminate. Monrovia police chief blows it.

Former Monrovia policeman sues the Monrovia police department for wrongful termination. [earlier news story]

The ex-cop is gay; he says that the police chief outed him. The article doesn’t name the police chief, but the city’s web site does: Roger W. Johnson.

Young Man!!

Well, Roger W. Johnson can’t live up to his predecessor. At the city’s soap box derby in 2000, then-police chief Joe Santoro led the crowd in fun (and, well pro-gay) song, Y.M.C.A.:

Police Chief YMCA: Joe Santoro

There’s been a strange disturbance in the Force. Too bad Joe’s not leading it anymore.

I think that next May, it’s time that we revive the police chief Y.M.C.A. tradition.