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Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t out, don’t discriminate. Monrovia police chief blows it.

Former Monrovia policeman sues the Monrovia police department for wrongful termination. [earlier news story] The ex-cop is gay; he says that the police chief outed him. The article doesn’t name the police chief, but the city’s web site does: Roger W. Johnson. Young Man!! Well, Roger W. Johnson can’t live up to his predecessor. At […]

Satellite dish fire at JPL: Sentencing

This past March, a man snuck into JPL and set a satellite dish on fire. He pled guilty and is sentenced to 3 years of prison. [via Nasawatch] Upcoming: a hearing about paying restitution, to the tune of $180K. Pasadena Star NewsInvestigators said Willkerson parked his car at nearby La Ca ada High School, cut […]

A (Time Lapsed) Year in Antarctica on YouTube

6 minutes of time-lapse fotos of a year in Antarctica. [via] UPDATED: in light of the fact that this is Garret’s Birthday, consider this post a time-lapse year-commemoration birthday present, Garret.