Another reason I like my iPod

An iPod and dock-with-speakers provides succor to the ill and distressed.

Rip a bunch of CDs and create a long playlist– 12 to 14 hours long. Transfer to iPod. Take ipod and dock+speakers to hospital. Plug in and start up music. It’s a much nicer counterbalance to the beeps that chime in time of the heartbeat, and the melodies masks the white-noise-hiss of and equipment motors and ventilation.

A 14-hour playlist negates any necessity of anyone else having to deal with play and pause, especially since the patient (an elderly person, whose ability to deal with play and pause buttons is severely diminished) doesn’t have to deal with it. The next time the patient’s adult child comes to visit, the music is changed. Or stopped. Or whatever.

It’s a task I gladly volunteered for. I am the second string support (the patient is not my parent). The patient’s children are dealing with diagnoses and doctors and decisions. I can support the supporters and make the patient’s day a better one. And make it a better day for the patient’s children, too.