Back to the Future (or, well, present)

I’m back. really. Somehow or other I managed to go a week or more without posting. A week ago I went to Day 1 of the Podcast Expo, foregoing the 2nd annual 2nd day Poolside BBQ extravaganza in order to attend my college reunion. (25th, if you must ask. I’m not quite legitimately qualified to be a member of either the AARP or TimeGoesBy‘s Elderbloggers, but the former sends me mailings and the latter does have a permalink here).

Attending both events, back to back, was a triumph in the back department.

(September was a wash. An unexpected and unavoidable wash due to bad back pain, which is a result of my having abs of marshmallows). Still working on leveraging my core competency. Exercises I was unable to do a couple of weeks ago I can now do [QT MOV from page of Core Exercises], and am working on more difficult variations thereof.

At Podcast Expo and Westmon reunion, I stood for hours. Both days. Drove to Santa Barbara and back for the reunion. Well, okay, Kelly drove the return trip.

And rejoiced in my basic mobility.

I can stand. I am not crooked. I am not bent over. I can sit. My back feels okay. I can concentrate on other things. You know, life is okay. It’s good. Things are looking better. From time to time I even feel a flash of frolic, and find myself moving in sprightly manner. It’s doubly lighthearted: first, by what inspired the lil’ skip in the first place underscored by the fact that I can move so. Yay.

(I was going to turn this post into a kind of brief report on both events, but I’d rather post something than post nothing with great plans in the offing.)

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