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Chroma Magnum

Sony uses color paint in a new ad. (you can select hi-rez and low-rez movie on the page) Wowowowowow. (hm. meant to post this days and days and maybe weeks ago. ah well. Here you are now.)

So, how are those rovers doing anyhow?

The rovers have been on Mars so long that the resentment is showing.

There is Music

When there are only a few words, there is music. When most words have been left behind, there is music. “Mom, how are you doing?” “Okay” That would be the extent of what she’d say during her son’s visits. Unless the iPod was off. Then he’d ask, “Mom, would you like me to put on […]

Let them eat yellow magnetic “support our troops” car stickers

Camp Pendleton families of deployed troops are increasingly relying on foodbank donations to get by. The women and children who formed a line at Camp Pendleton last week could have been waiting for a child-care center to open or Disney on Ice tickets to go on sale. Instead, they were waiting for day-old bread and […]

Politics: live in the forest, trout-fish naked, on LSD. Or something.

My guilty pleasure blog obsession of late has been following the Lamont (D) — Lieberman (CFL) campaign for the Senate seat in Connecticut. The other candidate, the all-but-ignored Republican Alan Schleisinger, came out swinging in a recent debate and put his name on the map: pow! Another debate was held today. At MyDD, Matt Stoller […]

Riverbend is back

I’ve seen word here and there that Riverbend, of Baghdad Burning hasn’t posted since August 5. She broke her silence today.