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On spinach and overreaction

Andy Griffin has a good, sane view on the spinach matter. [via megnut] He’s got a guest post on the ChezPim blog. From the intro to his guest-post: “Andy was the original owner of Riverside Farms, a pioneer in the bagged baby greens market. Ten years ago he sold Riverside Farms to the company which […]

Let’s spend the night together

NYT: People who share a bed, and what they say about it. “There are thousands of studies on sleep and even more on marriage and relationships, but only a handful on couples sleeping together.” (this blog post is another Susan-Susan-Susan special. Susan posts — via Susan — with a tip toward Susan.)

Jim Wallis hosts a dialog with Ralph Reed on Values Voting

At Jim Wallis’s new blog, God’s Politics, which began about a week ago. At the moment, the dialog’s up to 5 posts, and looks to continue: One (Wallis) “What Do Values Voters Value Most?” Two (Reed) “Rejecting the Liberal Straw Man” Three (Wallis) “Not Liberal or Conservative” Four (Reed) “Broad Concerns are not Incompatible with […]

What part of “progress report” don’t you understand?

Dana Milbank: “As a general rule, it’s a bad idea to call a news conference if you have nothing to say. It’s worse if you announce that answers are urgently needed but then decline to provide any.” [via John Robb, who calls it “hilarious.” Yep. You’ll either cry or laugh.]

A rose rose time ago in a parade far far away

These aren’t the Grand Marshalls you’re looking for.

Phone Con Fun

Phone Con Fun

I attended the end of Phone Con. I learned from Ronni Bennet that garbage disposals are outlawed in New York City. If garbage disposals are outlawed, then only outlaws will have garbage disposals. I told a story. I’ve told it before. Here (with audio) Frank sang the Oscar Meyer Weiner song. And then the conference […]