Leveraging my core competency

Blogging has been light this month because of the back. yes, the back. The bad back. The hurting back. The spasm back. The I’ve been spending too damn much time in front of the computer and now I’m paying for it back. During September, I’ve been a crappy worker, a crappy correspondent, and a crappy blogger.

I’ve been a good stretcher and a somewhat good exerciser, though. Slow and steady. Easy does it. I’m working on strengthening my abs and back muscles, that set of muscles that connect the upper body with the lower body, also known as the “core.” Within the last day, I had a thunderbolt realization. That mission statement (where the satire writes itself) is actually true. In my case.

I am trying to leverage my core competency.

Oh. My. Gosh.

The core muscles need to be more competent. And the whole thing about them is to strengthen my leverage between upper and lower body. Go figure.

I just got one of those big exercise balls. To double as seating and for more leveraging of core competency. Just brought it home. Just inflated it. Just plopped it in front of the computer. It’s bouncy!! It’s blue! It’s fun!

3 responses to “Leveraging my core competency”

  1. Andrea

    Hey, I’ve got an exercise ball like that, and it’s blue as well!

    I have to admit that I normally don’t use it very often, but have used it exclusively at my desk since we moved seven weeks ago. The reason, however, is not that it’s better for my back, but that it’s better for the wooden floor in the office – I net to buy soft wheels for my office chair, but haven’t found any yet. In the meantime, I enjoy the bounciness. 🙂

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    In the meantime, it’s great for your back, Andrea!

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