WordPress Cache plugin

There’s been some of that database something or other going around. It hit Lisa at H20town. I had a bout of it myself. In the hopes of making things work more smoothly, I’m using a WordPress plugin called WP-Cache.

It caches files and serves up the cached version for a while, until the cache expires. That saves hits to the database. Serve it up once, make all the database calls, and then the cached version acts as though it’s a static page… at least until the cache is set to expire.

The default setting is for 3600 seconds — 1 hour — before the cache expires. Well, for a site with as much ancient cruft as mine, that’s no help when Google decides it wants to crawl though and send the database into a frenzy. I’m going to jump from 3600 seconds up to 86400 seconds — 24 hours — and see what happens.

So I just set the cache, will see what happens when I do a new post.
Then will also see what happens when I comment on a post (there are comment links in the sidebar).

One response to “WordPress Cache plugin”

  1. Dean

    How did your WP-Cache plugin. I was thinking about adding that plugin to my blogs.