Bryce is free until September 6

I just got word (thanks, Hal!) that Bryce 5 is free until September 6. TUAW (the unofficial Apple Weblog) has the deets. Go grab it, download it, and fire it up. Using one of the new, Intel Macs? Sorry, it’s not Universal.

I don’t know if there are any more Bryce 4 books available (supply seems to have dried up) but there’s 1000+ pages of instructional goodness if you get bit by the bug. And don’t worry that Bryce 4 books aren’t up to date for 5—it covers most of what you’ll find. (this blog was born during Bryce 4 book labors, and contains some choice rants somewhere back in the archives.)

3 responses to “Bryce is free until September 6”

  1. Hal

    “Choice rants” … 🙂

  2. dan

    Thank you, Susan!

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    choice rants: I still remember being so tickled at word that Martin Spernau fell off his chair laughing at one of my tech writing rants. That’s a great recollection any time, but moreso on days when things are all goin’ wrong.