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The party of Lincoln is now the party of Torture

this retort inspired by this.

The Greatest Mission

David Seal is guest-blogging at the Planetary Society Blog, and a coupla days ago he blogged about a mission close to my heart in the post entitled The Greatest Mission You’ve Never Heard About. [via Bad Astronomy] Except that readers of this blog have heard about it. A few times: The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission […]

Leveraging my core competency

Blogging has been light this month because of the back. yes, the back. The bad back. The hurting back. The spasm back. The I’ve been spending too damn much time in front of the computer and now I’m paying for it back. During September, I’ve been a crappy worker, a crappy correspondent, and a crappy […]

Why ergonomic training won’t make up for bad design

a page with a short QuickTime movie. Ouch.

Equinox in under two hours

Autumn begins in under two hours, but a briskness in the air announced it this morning. September 22, 9:03 pm PDT, September 23 12:03am Eastern, and 09-23-2006 04:02 UTC (that’s GMT) How appropriate that I spend it trying a new back stretch… hanging from my stair railings to make sure that both sides of my […]

Rot from the inside

From Vladimir Bukovsky, imprisoned by the Soviets for 12 years, who knows whereof he speaks about torture. When torture is condoned, these rare talented people leave the service, having been outstripped by less gifted colleagues with their quick-fix methods, and the service itself degenerates into a playground for sadists. if Vice President Cheney is right […]