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Power-strip shaped like a container ship

Power-strip shaped like a container ship

At Boing Boing: Power-strip shaped like a container ship This power strip, shaped like the container ship that brought it from China, is terribly handsome, the kind of thing you’d want on your desk, rather than under it. I like that it seems designed to look best when covered in giant, strip-hogging transformer bricks that […]

Katrina + 1 year

I spent some time at reading the Katrina anniversary coverage. And Looka, too, which has gone black for the day. update: Here’s the Sun Herald’s anniversary coverage. I remember a year ago, seeing a link to a site with dire hurricane warnings. Watched the hurricane bear down on the Gulf Coast. And checking out […]

Shuttle to stay on the pad

Just got word via that they’re stopping the rollback and going to move the shuttle back to the launch pad. Launch within a week.

NASA to roll Shuttle Atlantis off of launchpad to get out of Ernesto’s way — NASA Likely to Rollback Shuttle to Avoid Tropical Storm Ernesto NASA hopes to begin hauling the space shuttle Atlantis off its launch pad as early as 8:00 a.m. EDT (1200 GMT) Tuesday to avoid the effects of Tropical Storm Ernesto. […]Tropical Storm Ernesto is in the Caribbean and approaching southeastern Cuba, where it […]

Katrina: Why did the levees fail? The blame goes back 300 years

Times-Picayune: 300 years of decisions contributed to disaster City surveyor W.H. Bell urged that the pumps be placed at the mouth of the drainage canals at the lake, because “heavy storms would result in water backup within the canal, culminating in an overflow of the city.” He was ignored, and the pumping stations were built […]

USGS+Google Maps = pinpointed quakes

Cybele at Metroblogging Los Angeles notes a minor quake at LAX, in a brilliantly-titled post, Quakes on a Plane.