Sending a bunch of internets to Out a Secret Senator

At TPM Muckraker, they call it for Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens as the senator who put a hold on a bill that would — gasp! —create more government transparency. Muckraker called it based on a news report that Senator Coburn mentioned Stevens put a hold on his bill. Stevens was in the shortlist, as 95 other senators confirmed that they weren’t secret holders. The situation is also covered at Porkbusters.

Well, Senator Stevens, let me explain to you how it all worked. Some of those people at different ends of the tubes sent internets to each other about this government situation. Then each one called up his or her Senator’s office (probably using a phone and not those internet tubes) and asked pointed questions. Then those people took their Senator’s answer and sent an internet to either Porkbusters or Muckrakers.