testing characters

Am doing some searching and replacing of characters leftover from ancient Manila install. This post is just to create some characters and see how they appear in the mysql database.

“oh really?”
“Yes, don’t you agree?”
“I do—but there’s more to be said for it”

What about legitimate ümlauts? ë?

update: The umlauts look different inthe database than they do here. (methinks I’ve gotta learn more about character sets). Anyway, it’s been enough of a guide that a buncha posts that look like

?oh really??
?Yes, don?t you agree??
?I do?but there’s more to be said for it?

I’ve fixed all but the ? that stands in for the emdash — actually there was another ? for endash, too. ñ is what the database records as an en-dash —
endash — (Manila-imported character ñ) done!
emdash — (Manila-imported character ó; also this series: �) done!

This post, with the code for php search/replace, has been a tremenduos help. I just have it open in a tab right now.

UPDATE: I’m lovin’ it: Saw a link from dangerousmeta to Craig at Booknotes. Haven’t updated my feed for him. Hello again, Craig! Since I’m in mega-cleanup mode via mySQL search and replace, I just replaced his two old site addresses to the new one. So all my links for him are now current!!! (this is one advantage of transferring a Manila site from one server to another. Everything past the slash booknotes.domainname.com/ is the same. All I had to do was change the stuff in front of the slash. Killeroonie!!)

I’ve been doing cleanup of the Manila cruft on this site (pre-July 2004). So there are lots of old website graveyards: array.editthispage.com, cuwu.editthispage.com, brdbrain.editthispage.com, bill.editthispage.com, andrea.editthispage.com, grrl.editthispage.com, blackholebrain.editthispage.com, papascott.editthispage.com, surprise.editthispage.com… the list goes on. I’ll hand-clean up my own links to outdated Manila urls (what part of masochist don’t I understand?), but all the others, well, sorry……. But! if you used to have a Manila editthispage.com or weblogs.com site and you migrated your Manila site to another Manila site elsewhere, let me know. I’ll do a site-wide update. Cause link love is lovely! 😀 😀 😀

3 responses to “testing characters”

  1. ralph

    You could try replacing the ? that stands for the em dash with the HTML entity for em dash: — (I hope that comes out okay….)

  2. ralph

    Yup, it came out okay. Phew!

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    I tried to do it by ? but it didn’t work. I have to find a post that has the specific example, browse that entry in the database, and then replace THAT entity with WordPress’s three hyphen shortcut for an emdash. Previous stuff that I already fixed has those misplaced í and ë things for quotes. (what happens when converting a Windows thing to a Mac thing.)