two post-BlogHer pictures

Badger's Kitchen

The great laptop BlogHer day after the day after in the kitchen of Liz Henry, aka badgermama, aka badgerbag. That was a pleasant time. I’ve got to edit this. At first, I composed this post to test picture uploads onto the new server. So my brain wasn’t fully engaged. I hafta say that hanging out at Badger’s kitchen table, two typing on two computers, just after BlogHer, rocked. Totally and completely rocked. Pleasant.. pleasant…. Well, yes, rocked is on the happy side of the scale with pleasant, but pleasant is way too mild for what was. (in defense of pleasant, the picture upload stuff works)

This was the low spot of the trip down south, which was otherwise safe and sane. What you see in my rear view mirror is, indeed, a California Highway Patrol car.

The sight you never want to see in the rear view mirror

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  1. Liz Henry

    “Jolly”, perhaps?