Back to the present

Back from wherever it was that I went to when my site database began to freak out. The comments table went AWOL. Then other stuff happened. Then more after that.

So this is one of those posts that’s tantamount to “Mommy is feeling cold, therefore child must put on a sweater.” It’s good advice. Or something.

My database was borked. Fifty dollars later to do a restore, the same problem happens and I see that I didn’t need to pay the fifty bucks to ipowerweb in the first place. All the details are in a discussion forum at the WordPress site, for the benefit of any who find themselves in the same situation.

I’m swapping hosts. Will keep comments off in the current location, but switch ’em on in the new one. Gonna do a little directory cleanup and stuff at the new place, and then do the DNS change when I’m ready.

Upgraded (finally) to WordPress 2.0.4. And tho it wasn’t critical to do that beforehand, there’s a great WordPress plugin for backing up the database. It comes standard with 2.x, but if you’re still in 1.5.x land, I suggest you get it and use it. (Mommy’s cold, so you better put on a sweater)

Other very handy links: Backing up your database, Restoring your database from backup, and an illustrated how to restore guide.

One response to “Back to the present”

  1. Michael

    There is also a plugin WP-Cron which can be used together with the database backup plugin to automatically send your database plugin via email.

    For example, I send a daily backup of my wordpress database to my gmail address. The more than two gigabytes of storage should be good for several more years of blogging…