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two post-BlogHer pictures

two post-BlogHer pictures

The great laptop BlogHer day after the day after in the kitchen of Liz Henry, aka badgermama, aka badgerbag. That was a pleasant time. I’ve got to edit this. At first, I composed this post to test picture uploads onto the new server. So my brain wasn’t fully engaged. I hafta say that hanging out […]

Back to the present

Back from wherever it was that I went to when my site database began to freak out. The comments table went AWOL. Then other stuff happened. Then more after that. So this is one of those posts that’s tantamount to “Mommy is feeling cold, therefore child must put on a sweater.” It’s good advice. Or […] is now Permanently.

Al Hawkins: So what’s the plan, man? “So the domain ‘’ has been hijacked, my old domain host that had told me that they were going to ‘take care of’ re-registering the domain lied, and while I may be able to recover it I am not sure it’s worth the trouble.” Who was it that […]