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LA Observed, multiplied

“While you were out…” LA Observed changed its ways to have multiple pages and multiple authors. Congrats, Kevin Roderick et. al! I especially like Native Intelligence (liked the Marilyn Monroe piece, too) (also, kudos for the recaps of what’s taking place on the other pages, too. Cause I’m not yet checking in on those other […]

Getting back on track with GTD. The Mind Sweep

Merlin Mann at 43 Folders gently coaches the blog-reading world on getting back on track. Back to GTD: Do a fast “mind-sweepâ€? | 43 Folders. Sweep everything out of your mind to get back into that collection so you can go from collecting the bits and pieces to the DOing of them. I’ve been doing […]

Tuesday the 15th is way too popular

So, Next Tuesday, August 15, is way too popular w/ options. At first I thought there were three to choose from. Then I just went to check on the next LA Podcaster meetup. Now there are four. LA Podcaster meetup LA Barcamp dinner in Santa Monica organized by Heather of heathervescent Motion Graphics LA group […]