Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog is back up

Within the last day or so, it came to my attention that the Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog had gone down. Now I read at Doc’s that it’s back up: Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog — The Future of the Slidell Blog. Excellent.

The Community Assistance session at BlogHer was very inspiring.

Gotta add to my list of things: Find out about local/national HAM radio operator Field Days. They already had one in June. It says here on the National Association of Amateur Radio site that their annual field day is always the Fourth Full Weekend in June. They have contests. And rules: For Field Day and General. There’s certainly some research to do to figure out how bloggers can best fit in to aid and abet and cooperate with Ham Radio operators. Doc M has been a Ham in his past. I think I may have help. 😉