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Home is where the taco passion runs deep

The NYTimes gives the straight dope on taco-making to easterners. [via Martini Republic] You may never have had a really terrific taco, especially if you live on the East Coast. There are a lot of tacos around, certainly, and many of them can be satisfying enough. But the genuine article is often hard to come […]

Earthlink is going to “unwire” Pasadena

Earthlink is going to build out a Pasadena WiFi network. This is news from Dave Coustan at the Earthlink blog. I sat next to Dave at a presentation at BlogHer. I mentioned something about the Pasadena office (yes, I drove by the ol former Earthlink HQ and current Earthlink I-don’t-know-what on New York Drive within […]

More on Sarah York, the penpal of Manuel Noriega of Panama, from her brother, Caleb York

Just after BlogHer I checked my stats (thank you mybloglog) and saw that I had a ton of incoming links based on search terms for Sarah York Panama Noriega. To this page, where I wrote about the show. “Oh,” I thought, This American Life must’ve repeated that show about the penpal. I couldn’t confirm for […]