Quotes from BlogHer and Woolfcamp

“women who write are my rockstars” — Janeen Armstrong

Beth Kanter, while introducing herself before describing Del.icio.us: “I’m also a technology therapist”

“Blogging is a gateway drug of technology” — Elisa Camahort

“I re-read my blog 1 time a year on my blog birthday” — Lauren of Oodleday

On her interpretation of the saying A picture is worth a thousand words “My pictures are worth 50 words and I have to provide the other 950” Mrs Kennedy

“Woe to the family that’s got a writer” — unknown

“Find the leader in the mirror.” Arianna Huffington

“There is no ‘hope'” — Mary Hodder of Napsterization and Dabble. The quote came in the context of a conversation on the need to just DO stuff and not whine about why it’s hard, why others don’t want one to do it, etc. The Yoda-esque word is a response to this type of statement, “Well, I hope to I get [blah] done by the [blah blah blah].”

“San Fransocial” A term, provenance unknown, coined (to me) by Liz Henry to describe a group of people sitting around with laptops open, working and talking, or talking while working. cf. “multitasking.” Appropriately, she mentioned it while we both sat at her kitchen table, laptops open, alternatively typing, reading, talking, and eating.