San Jose is cool, my car smells like garlic

Did I say I was going to leave this morning at zero dark thirty for BlogHer? Ha! that’s what time I went to bed. Got on the road at 4:30 pm, arrived not long ago.

Saw a thin fingernail moon over deep blue dusky sky when heading west from the 5 over toward Gilroy. It reached full dark on that trek, and I was astonished at the temperature– cool! really! That and the brilliant starry sky outside goaded me to roll down my window.

Aaaah… The night smells of open California fields….. then, the night smell of Gilroy, Garlic capital of the World.

I arrived at the Hyatt in San Jose and checked in, I got back in my car to drive to my building.

My car smells like garlic.

2 responses to “San Jose is cool, my car smells like garlic”

  1. enoch choi

    welcome to the bay. drop me a line if you gals wanna come drink some wine and gab.

  2. Richard L. Hess

    Ahh, one of the most beautiful drives in all of California, Highway 152 across the Pacheco Pass!
    In 1977, Robin Williamson wrote a song called “Pacheco” which was covered by Kate Wolf

    The lyrics are available here: