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So busted or so viral?

Is it The best billboard in Los Angeles (Steven, dude, you are so busted) or is it some viral marketing?

Watching other people work

“I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.â€? (Jerome K. Jerome) I’m fascinated by watching other people work. Not exactly in the way Jerome had in mind. I’ve been preparing for a beginner Podcasting session at BlogHer (gonna post my “I’m speaking badge” any day now. What? It’s […]

Jon Stewart, George Bush, Stem Cell Vetoes and the “Culture of Life”

Crooks and Liars has it: The Daily Show: Stem Cell Redux. Windows Media and QuickTime. Just go see it.

Youth Coach on the Joy of Sport

Doc M read this to me; I share it with you. At a kids baseball game (described exquisitely), two men in the stands get into a discussion about kids and sports and life and joy. Complete with five rules of good coaching, as told by one who knows: “First, no shouting, no embarrassment, no humiliation. […]