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Jon Stewart on Ted Stevens and Tubes

It’s a View the movie in QuickTime or Windows Media (D’ya think that Ted Stevens has any clue how many internets we’ve all been sending to one another about, well, his Not-a-Truck explanation of what the internets is? Or has his internets been clogged so he hasn’t gotten word…or song… or movie… about all the […]

Mumbai Help

Mumbai Help is a blog following the aftermath of the train bombings in Mumbai. Other blogs covering the situation: Dilip D’Souza, Varnam (start with that post and click forward), India Uncut, Vantage Point, and Metroblogging Mumbai

WSJ: He, Once a She, offers Own View

Nature, Nurture, XX or XY, and math and science: Ben Barres has a paper in Nature on gender and academia. Sharon Begley at the Wall Street Journal describes it. [via Kevin Drum] Being first a female scientist and then a male scientist has given Prof. Barres a unique perspective on the debate over why women […]

More on the Santa Barbara NewsPress from the Santa Barbara Independent

Including an article by Barney Brantingham, who resigned from the paper after 46 years, Why I Quit the News-Press. Plus a timeline of events, by Nick Welsh. [via LA Observed] What is important is a newspaper’s credibility, and the News-Press’s credibility is in tatters. Brave souls in the newsroom are doing their best, managing under […]