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Movie: My life as a Solid Rocket Booster

Those twin Solid Rocket Boosters are strapped to either side of the Shuttle Fuel Tank. They burn for the first minute and a half or so, and then separate and then fall back to earth and, well, what happens to them after that? From Bad Astronomy comes this enthusiastic pointer to one of the launch […]

Senator Ted Stevens–Tubes– The Remix

AlterNet: Blogs: PEEK: Senator Ted Stevens: The Remix Just go there. Listen. Laugh. Now, the good folks at Boldheaded have turned his “skillful fusion of political doublespeak and perplexing ignorance on how the Internet works” into the DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: “A Series of Tubes.”

Dell Hell, A Man Named Ken Musgrave, and No Concession to the Hated User

So I see from Jeff Jarvis (the documenter of Dell Hell) that Dell’s got a new blog. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So I go and take a peek. And what I see makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. There’s a post there by a person named Ken Musgrave. Whose job title […]