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Apollo 12 splashdown footage recovered

According to Bad Astronomy Blog, “no footage of the Apollo 12 capsule splashing down after their trip to the Moon has been known to exist… until now.” And there’s a link to NBC San Diego which has a movie file you can see. Two weeks ago, a discovery at the bottom of an old box […]

Better barter while the world watches: from a red paperclip to a house

I’ve seen mention of it before. A guy embarks on a series of barters, beginning with a red paper clip. His goal: a house. Today there was a mention that he did it— he got his house! Go to the red paperclip site to read all the details. [permalink to house details] Funtential is how […]

Jill’s gotta new keyboard

It’s a Kinesis keyboard, and it looks as though you dip your fingers into two little wells.