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woolgathering’s sketch of the red caterpillar

I met (and interviewed) Elizabeth Perry at one of my beginning podcaster sessions. She blogs at Woolgathering and creates (and then blogs) a sketch a day. Here’s her post on the red caterpillar that dropped from the ceiling and inched across the table where the panel speakers were. The whole session (Blogs: Gallery or Canvas– […]

Quotes from BlogHer and Woolfcamp

“women who write are my rockstars” — Janeen Armstrong Beth Kanter, while introducing herself before describing “I’m also a technology therapist” “Blogging is a gateway drug of technology” — Elisa Camahort “I re-read my blog 1 time a year on my blog birthday” — Lauren of Oodleday On her interpretation of the saying A […]

BlogHer session: Community Assistance

BlogHer session: My rough typed notes. Community Assistance: Grace Davis, Hurricane Katrina Accidental Relief worker. Sara Ford. From Waveland, MS. Because the de-facto home page for the town of Waveland, which took a direct hit Medical supplies. Someone cashed in his flexible spending plan. Sister Cities… and others with Direct telephone Dina Metha, from Bombay/Mumbai, […]

San Jose is cool, my car smells like garlic

Did I say I was going to leave this morning at zero dark thirty for BlogHer? Ha! that’s what time I went to bed. Got on the road at 4:30 pm, arrived not long ago. Saw a thin fingernail moon over deep blue dusky sky when heading west from the 5 over toward Gilroy. It […]

Jeneane’s (prolly) not gonna be there

and I was so looking forward to finally meeting Jeneane Sessum. She’s got some health issues that most likely will prevent her from gettin’ on that plane and flying to Northern California. Jeneane, Take care of yourself. Get better. Blog like the dickens (of course, you always do) and I hope the next opportunity to […]

Snapz Pro is da bomb!

I just downloaded and tried out Snapz Pro to make a movie of what I’m doing on my computer (for a software demo movie). Gee willikers, but that is one amazing bit of software!!! Of course, while recording myself (my sleep deprived self) talk through a software demo, I have that “Gee, I’m tired!” sound […]