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Very Cool Commercial

YouTube – Akbank Advertisement-Reklam Filmi as seen on TV. In the spirit of Carlson’s Big Ad. [via MeFi]

No army base left behind

Remember that old bumper sticker about bake sales for bombers? “It Will Be a Great Day When Our Schools Get all the Money They Need and the Air Force Has to Hold a Bake Sale to Buy a Bomber” Well, schools don’t have all the money they need, but it looks as though we need […]

Some research on MP4 (or MPEG4)

I didn’t pay a whole lotta attention to it at the time, at the QuickTime upgrade to version N (6.? 7?), when Apple introduced H.264 and MPEG4. MPEG-4, part 2 introduced in QuickTime 6 (same as MPEG-4 SP or Simple Profile) H.264 introduced in QuickTime 7. But I’m paying attention and catching up. Herewith are […]

A lesson in humility: calling Arnold Newman

My Phone Call to Arnold Newman. [via Matt Levine]