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on Earthlink’s permission-based spam blocker app

So I just sent an email to someone. It’s one of those out of the blue, “I saw something on your website” kinds of emails. I get an instant response from the email address. So soon? No, it’s a “sorry, apologies, but there’s a one-time hoop you’ve got to jump through” message with a link […]

one-off editable web pages

This is both a demonstration of WordPress and a note-to-self about a php script called editthispage. It’s a php script for a single-page that lets you log in, edit, and save changes. It saves each rev of the page. yippee.

Doc Searls gets a shot of that plume

launch_06.JPG Originally uploaded by dsearls. This image is by Doc Searls (go see ’em all), on Flickr, of the plume. He sees it straight up from Santa Barbara, whereas in our point of view, we saw this just above the horizon… well, above the western ridge of low mountain. But there it is.. the low […]

Launch tonight at 8:14 PDT

The launch time from Vandenberg has been announced: 8:14 pm. (it’s a classified payload so they announce launch times at the last possible minute) As it happens, we’ll be dining with Hal of Blivet. So we’ll all watch together if we remember to go outside. Sunset is at 8:07, so it won’t be as spectacular […]

Thoughts on Bloggercon: Tools

I listened to most of one bloggercon podcast today: the Tools session. Good stuff there on how-tos. Making how-tos. Screencasting: I’ve been thinking of making some how-to screen casts myself. I’ll check out the tool mentioned for movie capture. But I’ve heard good things about Snapz Pro, too. Was other tool Windows only? Aaah, just […]

Girl Talk!

yesterday was a big day. Two big girl themes. First…… a new baby girl in the family was born at 7:43 am!!! Tyra Elizabeth Summer Kitchens. I’ve seen a picture of her at her weigh-in (7lbs, 14.5oz), and she’s beautiful. Her father held the cel phone to her and I heard tiny grunty baby sounds. […]