March of the Penguins and Naturalist Speak

Later, Memorial Day. Watched March of the Penguins on DVD (thank you, Netflix). What with Morgan Freeman’s voiceover, and then the special feature — Penguins and Humans — about the two guys who spent 13 months in Antarctica filming the Emperor Penguins, I couldn’t get that natural history style of narration out of my head.

I went out into Doc M’s back yard in the late afternoon to pull weeds as part of a long term project to go from “backyard jungle overgrown” to “ready to implement the landscaping plan.”

And thought of My Life as Natural History Narrative:

On many days, the male comes outside his dwelling at dusk. With hand tools, he labors in the back yard, digging into the ground and pulling up plants by their roots. He stops when it is too dark to see. From time to time, the female assists him in the backyard. She is doing that today. Sometimes the male labors behind his dwelling while the female goes inside the dwelling and sits in front of the computer. Yesterday, the female came back out of the dwelling to tell the male that she’d just read a story about a rematch, a blind tasting of French and California wines. Then the female sang, “California, Here I Come,” and went back inside the dwelling to look through the storage area for a suitable California wine to drink in celebration.

Later, the female tells the male about the Naturalist Speak that’s in her head. The male and female engage in a laughing ritual. Then the male and female consult over large green containers that hold the uprooted plants from behind the male’s dwelling. The male says, “The male asks the female whether she should drive her car into the driveway so the male has more room for the cans of waste to be picked up tomorrow.” The female goes into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator door and looks inside. She says, “The female looks inside the refrigerator and assesses whether she should first drive the car to go hunt for food for that evening’s meal.” The male replies, “Well, the female should go hunt for chocolate sauce. I think I’m out.” But later, by and by, the female tells the male that she will drive her car into his driveway after he has returned from the hunt for chocolate sauce.

While he is out, the female sits at the computer and types in her blog. Then the male returns, successful from the hunt for chocolate sauce. He also brought back blueberries.