What is RIPE?

I’m examining some spam this site is getting, and, as a result, am doing more research on RIPE, where a lot of IP numbers resolve to.

Here’s some info on RIPE.

RIPE Р(R̩seaux IP Europ̩ens) Рis a community of organisations and individuals operating Internet networks in Europe and beyond. Its objective is to ensure the coordination necessary to enable operation of a pan-European Internet network. RIPE NCC РThe RIPE Network Coordination Centre Рis one of three regional Internet registries (RIR) providing allocation and registration services to ensure the fair distribution of global Internet resources required for the stable and reliable operation of the Internet. Membership is open to anyone using the RIPE NCC services and is therefore primarily made up of ISPs.

More on ripe.net on tracking spam/abuse that originates from inside the RIPE networks.

Can the RIPE NCC tell me the name of the person hacking/spamming me?

No. In general, the RIPE Whois Database contains details of the networks that are using address space, not the individual users. In most cases, individuals will have a different IP number each time they log on to the Internet. You will need to report the IP number and time of the abuse to the network administrators, who should be able to use their log files to contact the individual involved.

There’s more, too Spammers & hackers: using the RIPE Whois Database to find their network.

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  1. Hal

    Whoop! A whole bunch of my spam is coming from RIPE…