Hands on with the Apple Macbook

Yesterday, I was at Doc M’s, when I saw hint of the new MacBook. I gasped at the blackness of it, inadvertantly interrupting Doc M from his Very Important Task.

“What?” he asked.

“Apple’s got a new Macbook,” I said. “Intel processor; the new iBook-ish grade computer. It’s Black.”

He goes to apple.com to look. Then starts wondering, and pondering. “Hey, I wonder if it has…”

I said, “There are sites that are all over the announcement today. In a few days you can check back and see what the fuss is all about, but in the meantime…” I continued, saving him from further interruption from that task of his.

So here’s one of those reports from Engadget, which stood in line at an Apple store to get their hands on the new beastie and file a report

When I stumble upon another one, I’ll add it here.