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Filosofo Home-Page Control

I’ve used a WordPress plugin to set a “static” Page to be the home page of a site. But what if you want both a static site *and* a blog? That plugin didn’t work. Happily, there’s another WordPress plugin, Filosofo Home-Page Control, that does it *so* smoothly and easily. Install plugin. Choose which page to […]

The latest in Web 2.0: OurStory. It’s beta, and it breaks

I spent a while today checking out the just-launched OurStory, a site for telling and sharing stories. The site is prominently labeled BETA, and that’s a true statement. I tried to create and post a story on the site. It won’t appear. I’ve posted a review, complete with screenshots and gory details. UPDATE: Heard back […]

Gracenet Fan Mail

Sylvia Paull posts a Gracenet Fan eMail she received. “But I loved Gracenet from the moment I first heard about it. In the  early days when we met in people’s houses, I remember being astounded  that among fifteen or twenty ordinary looking women there would be  six or seven or eight who founded and owned […]

Hands on with the Apple Macbook

Yesterday, I was at Doc M’s, when I saw hint of the new MacBook. I gasped at the blackness of it, inadvertantly interrupting Doc M from his Very Important Task. “What?” he asked. “Apple’s got a new Macbook,” I said. “Intel processor; the new iBook-ish grade computer. It’s Black.” He goes to to look. […]

Firefox sudden window shifting mysteries

Multiple Tabs, multiple browser windows: This is my messy surf environment. When creating a new window (as happens anytime I click a link in email or in rss reader), more often than not new window would be under the top one, and moving top window wouldn’t work: the top window would snap onto the exact […]