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Online banking security

Lance Knobel of Davos Newbies compares online banking security in the US with the UK. The security routines of the UK win. What’s curious about all this is that the US is so much more security conscious in so many ways than Britain. I get junk mail on a weekly basis from banks and credit […]

Bakery Stories

What a delightful story: View from an Iowa Homestead: Bakeries The children and I were in town the other day and decided to stop at a local bakery. We … found the bakery to be crowded with older folks enjoying a morning coffee. In fact, it was so full that we politely asked to share […]

Daypop down until further notice…

Daypop down until further notice… here’s what the page says: Daypop down until further notice… Sorry for the inconvenience. After adding a bunch of submitted sites, Daypop no longer has enough memory to calculate the Top 40 and other Top pages. If there’s no simple fix, Daypop won’t be back up until a new search/analysis […]

Family interviews: have you done it?

Inspired by the incoming traffic from Scobelizer (what a lift a link from Robert brings!), I began a discussion thread at the other site to discuss whether (or not) you’ve interviewed family members and what’s blocking you (if you haven’t) or what’s the significance for you (if you have). Ralph Brandi, of There Is No […]

The Word Nerds

Here’s a podcast I’ve been listening to for a while, and can happily recommend: The Word Nerds–A Weekly Podcast About Language. I’ve been catching up on backlogs. Tho I’ve got an iPod, I also have a car stereo that plays MP3 disks, so I’ve burned ‘to be listened to” podcasts to CD and listen while […]

How to tame the terror of ordering wine at a posh restaurant

From Megnut comes this helpful article: SOMMELIER SECRETS: How to tame the terror of ordering wine at a posh restaurant. Including how to make friends with the sommelier, and how to discreetly indicate your price range without embarrassing yourself in front of your guests and clients, and (of course) more!