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MacGathering & SoHo Tech Show, in NoHo

It’s this Friday and Saturday. MacGathering & SoHo Tech Show, LA 2006 Close, reasonably priced, and there are things and people to see. Will be there Friday, and maybe the end of Saturday.

From Flat in bed up to 30 degrees

Erin at Stardust Holiday — the person participating in the 12-week-long bedrest study for zero-G conditions on the body (how bout that interplanetary space travel?), marked marked an important milestone today Elevation from zero degrees flat to 30 degrees upward.

after viewing an AT&T billboard last night

(that said “Podcast delivered”) I figured I’d make my own AT&T ad:

A Mom Memory

[I posted this over at Scoble’s in response to his question, What is your favorite memory of your Mother? I figure I oughtta post it here, too. By the way, it’s not the favorite memory, it’s a favorite memory] I’m, oh, about five years old or so, and it’s lunch time. Mom bought some new […]

Government tracking News Media phone call numbers

Updated. Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You’re Calling A senior federal law enforcement official tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we call in an effort to root out confidential sources. I don’t know whether this paragraph is meant to be ironic or not. Under Bush Administration guidelines, it […]

What could this boarding pass tell an identity fraudster about you?

A. Way too much The Guardian reports on what personal information can be learned about a person from the discarded stub of boarding pass. Given what they found, I’m glad I tend to hang on to such things. But safety? ….what’s that? [via Rebecca Blood]