Great (online) movies I have seen

Meant to blog this last week. Two great sets of movies:

Serious space science imagery and visualization: movies created of the Huygens probe descent to surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan. (QuickTime) One is a movie of the descent (page describes movies, links to individual movies, one with narration, one without audio)

One is a descent movie with bells and whistles: lots of interesting visual and audible data along with animated images captured from the probe.

Mash-up of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings called Star Lords, presented by Misshapenfeatures. Three short teasers and a 6-minute movie. QuickTime and Windows Media.

Speaking Truthiness to Power And while we’re on the topic of movies you can see online, I’ve not yet noted the amazing performance by Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner (WHCAD).

AOL has the video (at 2 speeds, broadband & dialup). it shows Bush’s reaction to the “audition movie” See also the Wikipedia entry for Colbert at the WHCAD for links online places where you can see the movie. BTW, Colbert and Stephen Colbert have consistently been in the top 3 rankings for Technorati searches for the past week.