From Malibu Ferrari to Monrovia Transit

Bouncing around the world…. the Swedish guy whose rare red Ferrari breaks in half in Malibu pulls out some quizzical ID from the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority. He’s eventually busted for theft and fraud. But a blog in Australia (okay, it’s a Californian who moved to Australia) digs into the connection, and in a series of several posts [one, two, three, four, five], digs into the matter of independent police force with the SGVTA. (this correspondence was brought to light yesterday at LA Observed)

There’s a good back and forth with Yosuf “Yo” Maiwandi, who’s part of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority.

I live in Monrovia. I’m way impressed by Ron Down Under’s sleuthing. I can clearly picture the humble transport described in the posts; I see ’em around town all the time. Kudos to him for digging into the connections. The SGVTA has been cleared, for its part, and looks as though it was snookered by Mr. Swedish Fraud Dude.

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  1. Mike Zimmerman

    I have known Yo for over two years as a neighbor. He is a good
    family man, hard worker and great neighbor. He runs a good
    transit system to serve those who need the service to get

    Then a million dollar Ferrari takes out a telephone
    pole on PCH and Yo is trust into the spotlight. The press
    releases are overwhelming. Head lines, and pictures, Monovia
    auto repair service associated wtih transit authority.
    How overwhelming.

    First response, Sierra Madre wants to curtail the transit
    service and punish the passenger. Why, to maintain image
    and property values??? How does 165 mph on PCH equate
    to the speedway (15 mph) of Sierra Madre Blvd?
    Sierra Madre is a nice town, why drag an incident on PCH
    into it? Serve the transit rider, not the grandstanding
    press release. Sierra Madre doesn’t need the 15 minutes
    of fame. How is this news worthy?

    Wait, I am looking out my window, there are four news trucks
    in front of Yo’s house, cameras running. Can you believe this?
    Only in Bradbury.

    News cameras, now is my chance,I told my wife to run down
    with a sign saying, ‘Tell the home owner’s association to
    leave my locked back gate alone, it is for emergencey use
    only.’ Now this is newsworthy. Leave my property alone.
    Response, they have their own ideas. How novel,we have have
    our own ideas, especially in America and in a Million dollar
    community. I assure you the depression-WWII generation
    would have a better understanding of what American ideals are
    all about.

    Where do these people come from?

    See you on the evening news with my picket for protecion of
    my property rights and having my own ideas with co-owner Yo,
    who is now no doubt overwhelmed with publicity.

    Keep the faith of our founding forefathers, I remain

    Very truly yours,

    Mike Zman

  2. Susan A. Kitchens


    Thanks for visiting and telling your story. The LA Times is running a story that LA Co Sheriffs have been conducting searches.

    Did you see Sheriff vehicles as well as news trucks? (gak, the idea that news trucks would tag along to cover a search is disturbing–from the sense that law enforcement invites a kind of ride along. I’ll have to talk to my friend who used to be a Deputy DA to see what she says about search + news.)

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    I’ve inquired about cops and media, working together, to someone in the news biz, and to someone who was a Deputy DA:

    From the news side: Cops will alert media, but not as much as they used to. TV news monitors police scanners.

    From the law enforcement side:
    Q: So does sheriff tip of news that they’re gonna do a search? how does this all work?

    A: Yes – the sheriff or DA can call the media of their choice and tell them to be at such and such a place at such and such a time if they want a story. Media aren’t allowed inside during the search but they can be where any member of the public can be. I had 48 hours TV crew on one of mine.

  4. Mike Zimmerman

    Dear Ms. Kitchens,

    Thank you for your response.
    My concern with disabled riders
    in Monrovia and Sierra Madre
    has become a reality.

    When the disabled called in
    today there was no answer.

    This is not to say that I am
    insensitive to the issue of a
    Ferrari traveling down PCH at
    165 mph and the extreme risk
    imposed; and concern with
    administrative policy and
    procedures, but the bottom
    line impact of a bus not being
    operational for the disabled
    seems kind of distance from
    the other issues, at least on
    the surface.

    I’m sure the that disabled
    rider issue will be eventually
    resolved, but in the mean
    time, a 165 mph survivable
    crash and other issues
    resulting there from, seem
    kind of distance from the
    process of receiving a
    telephone call, taking an
    order for pickup, starting
    the bus’s engine and
    traveling off for assistance
    for the disabled.

    However, I do concur, that
    no matter how distant, the
    matters are connected.
    But in the meantime, until
    all is resolved, one would
    think that a judgment call
    could be made in the
    interest of the disabled.

    But, then again, examining
    the inter relationships from
    another perspective, just
    think, if the tragedy of 9-11
    did not occur we probably
    would not be having this
    conversation, and the disabled
    would be going about their day.

    In the history of America,
    it appears that the country
    never travel as far as
    it did, from 9-10 to 9-11.

    Best regards,

    Mike Zman

  5. Howard S

    There is no way that Maiwandi can plead ignorance to the activities of his “police department�. There were simply too many deceptions going on for him to be unaware of them. Why would you setup a whole police department to run $29.95 background checks on drivers? Even with his “police powers�, he didn’t catch that he was giving badges and police ID to crooks. I think he should answer for at least his negligence.

  6. Yosuf "Yo" Maiwandi

    Hi Susan A. Kitchens…..As a fellow Monrovian (only 2 blocks away),
    I would like to anwser ANY questions that you or even Howard S. might
    have. Im done talking to “Ron from down under”……Until then, Yosuf “Yo” maiwandi

  7. Mike Zimmerman

    In looking at the various comments
    about this matter, I am reminded of my experience
    when I was about 12 years old. I witnessed
    an incident that was newsworthy. After reading
    the newspaper accounting I was unsure if I
    was even present at the incident. When I heard accounts
    from personal sources I wondered if I was on the same

    After that I was very cautious of newspaper reporting,
    except when I scored a touchdown and it appeared
    on the sports page. That was OK, six points scored
    while diving through tacklers. A good accounting.

    Now, in the case of the survivable 165 mph crash,
    which to me was 1 in a billion, Ferrari may disagree;
    (I never want to take that E-ticket ride; can you imagine
    comparing this to Dale Earnhardt’s tragic bump in the
    wall at a much lower speed?); the physics of the matter
    seems to be lost in the questions about running a bus
    service for the disabled. The comments seem to
    indicate that this is a business that has lots of profit
    with no cost, yet I don’t see investors lining up with
    wallets open or cities wishing to run the service for
    the disabled.

    Disabled bus rider keep the faith, you will get there,
    long before the 165 mph incident is forgotten, I hope.

  8. Jeff Burch

    I would like to know why a tiny bus service for the disabled would need “face recognition” cameras and software in their buses…. are there a lot of disabled terrorists in the Monrovia area? Does Mr. Maiwandi really believe people of resonable intelligence are going to believe his fairy tales? I would also like to know just where Mr. Maiwandi attended school for police training, I would hope that the city of Monrovia isn’t allowing somebody without the proper training to drive around in an unmarked police car with a loaded weapon as he was doing. I think that perhaps the Monrovia PD needs a little house cleaning too. It’s a scary thought to think that some wanna-be cop can buy himself a police dept. with the full knowledge of the local government. Even allowing him to drive a police car with government plates. Did I miss something? Was the SGVTA not privatly owned and run? How did he get government plates on his own car? After all he paid for everything and accepted no money from any government agency right? Yeah right. More fairy tales! Ron Down Under was on the right track.

  9. Howard S

    Yo, first I’ll say I don’t know you and it sounds like you may have gotten the short end of the stick on this deal. You did associate yourself with some very bad people. The Swedish “Uppsala Mafia�, Carl Freer and Stefan Erikson are not breaking news. Even without special police powers to do background checks, anyone could have done a simple internet search and found out that these were guys with a past. Still, you issued police badges and police IDs to convicted felons and they used them to purchase guns. You didn’t make the world a safer place, you did the opposite. I think at this point, you should come clean. Did you issue police ID or police badges to any other people that Freer or Eriksson introduced to you? If you did, you should just go ahead and publish their names. These people certainly took advantage of you and you owe them nothing.

  10. Mike Zimmerman

    The history of United State of America law enforcement
    authority ranges from a citizens making an arrest to the US
    Justice Department. It a good system consisting of both
    civilians and government personnel. It you examine it you
    will see governing overlaps which provide delegation of
    authority, and policy and procedures to adhere to, audit
    functions and corrective action for discrepancies. So there
    is nothing unusually about the delegation of Transit Police.

    Also, there is nothing unusual about background checks being
    incomplete. I.e. I understand the perpetrators who brought
    down the Twin Towers were not obscure. As a matter of fact,
    I understand their aircraft training was revealed by their
    instructor previous to the incident. Of course I consede these
    comments are all 20/20 hindsite along with other comments in
    this website and I feel for those who were involve in the
    matter. Each day must be difficult even though it clearly
    wasn’t anticipated.

    As far as preventative procedures, the Israeli’s are well
    prepared with cockpit security measures in their operations.
    It is clear that they operate in a 20/20 proactive mode, not
    hindsite mode.

    This is not to be critical because there is a great
    economic disparity between the belief mode and confirmed
    real mode. If we went around anticipating what should be
    done vs. confirmed need and paying for both, we would be
    broke like we already are to the tune of how many
    Trillions of dollars?

    In other words we have a system that works and
    we are continually fine tuning it based on experiences.

    Comments in the website about advanced technology
    and video cameras on a bus; I recall the comic book
    fancy of the Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio in the
    pre-solid state electronics era. They say if man can
    imagine it, he will do it.

    Comments in the website about the Monrovia Police
    Department, they have an outstanding record and
    have no association with the 165 mph Ferrari incident
    or aftermath. The reported comment appears “off the wall.”

    Comment in the website about buying guns. I understand
    no guns were sold due to the check process doing its
    job and working. This was due to good processes
    and procedures being in place.

    Now lets get the disabled back on the bus and to their

    Mike Zman

  11. Yosuf "Yo" Maiwandi

    Jeff, do you still believe everything you read? So to you, I’m guilty until I prove myself innocent….that’s OK because you are like most people out there….Just two items fyi…..We have NOTHING to do with the Monrovia Police Dept. So why would you talk bad about them? MPD is a good dept, a very good dept…..Second, SGVTA and SGVTAPD are not the same but both started AND paid for by me. NOT one cent came from any city, any state or even the Gov. 95% of the work I do is for the SGVTA (bus), 5% is for the SGVTAPD (security/police)…….But the news likes to tell it the other way because “if it bleeds, it leads”…..that’s why 95% of what you read is about the SGVTAPD….and 5% is about the SGVTA.

    Here is what the LA Times had to say…”He was arrested on suspicion of perjury for allegedly signing a document in which he misrepresented his position, Whitmore said.” SUSPICION of perjury Jeff (not impersonating a police officer or any other items you think I did wrong) AND….”State law allows private transit agencies to form their own transit police, though officials said they are fairly rare.” Since this is an on going investigation, I can not say much more, but think before you condemn………………………Enjoy life Jeff, cause its too short !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo

    Mr. Howard….We did a FBI background check on both…guess what…they both came up clean!!! Who would think that two multi millionaires would have such a bad past? Nobody. That’s why this is such big news. They did not have ANY police powers. They were both volunteers with our dept. Their ID’s both stated that they were civilian volunteers. Another “Press” lie, they were not my friends. I only met them once (for about 5 min) in Dec of 05. And they did not buy any guns. Carl tried to, but the gun store owner called the local PD, then Carl was arrested. I have a report dated March 06 where I asked both men to turn in their ID’s. The LASD knows this too. About the LASD, they came by about 20 days BEFORE the “raid” at my house and asked for a complete list of everything we had. The one and only police car, our police badges and ID’s, ticket books…etc They did “find” my own personal hand guns, 2 at home and 2 at work. Big deal! My personal 4 hand guns. They also found a riffle (30-06) and a shot gun at my shop, but only wanted the hand guns. There was no “arrest” like the papers say, nor was there ANY bail. I did go to the nearest Sheriff Dept (Temple) so they can run my prints. They came back clean. 10 min later, I was on my way home. I don’t like your “come clean” commit, but you don’t know me so that OK. I have been 110% corporative with the LASD from day one. No drama, sorry. Looking forward to the next time Howard. Yosuf Yo Maiwandi

    Mike Z…..Your a good friend and neighbor…..Thank you Yo

  12. Jeff Burch

    There was no arrest nor bail? Why then when one goes to to the sheriffs website at and goes to “Inmate Information” and does a search for Yosuf Maiwandi your booking number comes up, you should know officer Maiwandi that when one gets a booking number than you’ve been arrested. It also mentions that your bail was $25,000 and that you spent 3 hours being booked at the Century station…not the Temple station. And FYI, I never said that you were a part of the MPD, I think that they have always looked the other way when it comes to you, allowing you to park your vehicles registered or not all over the streets around your shop or allowing you to drive police cars and that NYPD Hummer you had, none of which were registered that I could see…but that was before you had your own police dept. and figuered out how to get government plates. My point is that perhaps the MPD could do an even better job if they were to inforce the laws equally. It’s plain to see that you’ve always wanted to be a cop and you
    found a little loophole allowing security services for a bus service you took it far beyond what was intended. You have been quoted in the Pasadena Star News as saying that you had intended to try for a government grant for your devoloping a video system with Mr. Erickson. I don’t think that these plans came about in one 5 min. meeting with him. It all fell apart when he crashed his car. I do enjoy life Mr.Maiwandi, and my freedom.

  13. Yosuf

    Jeff, Lets not get personal on a Blog. Read my words >> Was I arrested, yes. Like the papers say, no. Was there ANY bail, no. Not one cent. That might be why there is no court date. I have never been to the Century station. I DID go to Temple. I did wait in line for the finger print mach. When my prints came back, I was on my way out the door. (apx.10-15 min later)

    I did/do want a grant to pay for the transit part. The fuel and insur. is killing me. Why would I ask for a grant for Freer or Eriksson’s hi tech vidio system??? That was a donation from them. Jeff, your a local guy. Come over to my shop anytime if you wish to talk about this. I can prove that Im telling the truth. 110%…..Until then, Yo

  14. Jeff Burch

    Thanks for the invitation Mr.Maiwandi but since your hardly ever at your shop I think that I’ll just see you in court. I see that you were arrested again and have a court date on this one, just a misdemeanor but a good warm-up for the main event. See you 8/14/06 at the Alhambra courthouse, 150 W Commonwealth Ave. Alhambra. Happy Birthday!

  15. Mike Zimmerman

    The learned the following
    about Yo and his wife, so
    I thought I would pass it
    along. Congratulations to
    both of them.

    A local Home Owner’s Association,
    had its Annual Meeting recently for
    the election of its officers.
    Its official: Gale Maiwandi, is the
    Official First Lady of the community
    when her husband, Yo Maiwandi,
    outpaced a field of 7 with a total
    vote count that was 48% ahead
    of the nearest incumbent, for a
    place on the HOA where Mr. Yo
    Maiwandi resides. It was reported
    that Yo overcame negative campaign
    attempts. The intellectual astute
    saw through this facade
    which appears to have become
    common place in many HOAs.

    Anyway, it was a great win for
    Yo Maiwandi, in view of news
    articles and street comments
    of limited reasoning. Again,
    congratulations to Gale Maiwandi,
    now, the First Lady of the community.

    As evidenced, these are quality
    people who stand above and
    stare down adversity in the
    name of the fact and truth. It
    is good to know that these people
    and those who support them,
    exist in the community and world.

    It is evident in the society today
    that most want to be
    ‘political cute’ and hang out
    with those who they view as in.
    Excuse me, step aside for the
    intellectual truth and trusted
    type people.

  16. Mike Zimmeman

    I heard about a recent indicent
    involving a communication
    that lacked would I believe
    to be semantic preciseness
    with regard to the question
    and answer. I may be
    getting the information
    second or third hand,
    but it does bring to my
    mind questions as what
    is this really all

    The more I examine this from
    top level and view the
    actions taking place and then
    compare this to the policy
    and procedures that should be
    followed, I begin to believe
    that there maybe many holes
    in the processes that all
    individuals and agencies
    should be following.

    The astute know what I am
    talking about.

    What are these individuals
    doing in the country? How
    does this car get imported
    in? How do the individuals
    pass a clearance check?

    Now, what about this latest
    indicent that has been
    brought to light. What
    written notification was
    involved and provided.

    Who provided it. Who has
    jurisdiction; are there
    multiple jurisdictions,
    how was this coordinated.

    What audit functions
    were provided. Who is
    responsible. What is
    the corrective action
    initated. How was this
    convey to all parties
    involved; i.e. the party
    having jurisdiction in
    providing the original
    delegation, and all
    other parties?

    I heard that there were
    many lapses that contributed
    to the Twin Towers incident.

    True I don’t have all the
    details, but what I am
    observing concerns me.

    In other words, if the
    processes hsd been
    followed correctly in
    the first place by all,
    it obvious that this
    this wouldn’t be occuring,
    including the TWIN TOWERS.

    It is clear that YO is
    fast becoming a victim in
    this matter.

  17. Jeff Burch

    Mr. Maiwandi is a victim, a victim of his own greed and a victim of his ego, thinking as he always has that he is above the law. I for one am looking forward to hearing the results of the LASD’s DHS investigation….it should be very enlightning.

  18. Mike Zimmerman

    In viewing the current
    matter of a totaled
    Ferrari in the 165mph
    crash and the matters
    resulting there from,
    I begin to wonder, what
    is real and is there
    any hint of an overstated
    manufactured facade here.

    For instance, I contacted
    a paratransit operator
    for the handicapped and
    ask him about the revenue
    stream of money coming to
    him from his operation.

    After a long puzzeling
    silence he said,‘I don’t
    know what you mean, my
    income is minimal, in any,
    and that includes the ads that I
    put on the side of my vehicles.’

    I said, ‘Well, I heard inferences
    that in this business there were
    opportunities of a revenue stream
    of unworthy income, or greed.’
    The reply, ‘You are thinking of
    the wrong business.’

    Well, I am always looking for a
    business opportunity, so I
    thought I would investigate.

    I guess I will just stay with
    the oil stocks and, as they say,
    ‘The Greedy’who created the oil
    matter, whoever that may be.

    Actually, I am a true believer
    in the invisible hand of the
    market and the ego that drives it.

    Well, you have to explain it
    some way.

    As far as we individuals,
    we have our pursuit to happiness
    and how we get there is one’s own
    business, with or without the ego
    being judged.

    Which brings us back to what is
    real here and is there hint of a
    manufactured facade present?

    Anyway, based on my investigation,
    I would not recommend investing
    in a paratransit operation unless
    you have an ego that drives you
    to help the handicapped.

    For being greedy, I suggest, stay
    with oil.

  19. Jordan Goodrich

    Mr. Burch, You sound like you know Mr. Maiwandi personally.
    I too, am interested in the results of the investigation,
    as I am sure the truth will come to light when all is said and done.

  20. Jeff Burch

    The greed I speak of has nothing to do with ferrying the handicapped around town but that of creating a mostly fictional police force with an imaginary “Homeland Security Dept.” that was “On the front lines of keeping our nation secure” all with the intent of getting part of millions of our tax dollars for the supposed development of some fictional face recognition video system. Perhaps Mr. Zimmerman never saw the website, pure fiction, besides homeland security there were supposedly gang units, drug units and even K9 units. All this planning to grab a piece of the homeland security money came to a crashing end (pardon the pun) in Malibu last Feburary. The day after the crash Mr. Maiwandis cheif of police “retired” and soon thereafter the websites began to be removed, leaving very little of the original SCAM to be seen. It takes more than speaking to one honest paratransit operator ot find where the caring ends and the greed begins.

  21. Mike Zimmerman

    Mr. Burch, based on your
    latest comments it appears
    that everyone stipulates
    that a paratransit system
    is not associated with a
    revenue stream of greed and

    Now that the innuendos have
    been set aside we can now
    focus on the revenue stream of
    greed emanating from homeland

    I am not aware of the web
    site that you mentioned.

    But, as you indicate, that pure
    fiction from that web site
    (consisting of gang units,
    drug units and even K9 units)
    could be a plan ‘to grab
    a piece of the homeland
    security money.’

    Along this line of reasoning
    you also mention ‘intent of
    getting part of millions of
    our tax dollars for the supposed
    development of some fictional
    face recognition video system.’

    As a development engineer
    I am the first to tell that
    there is absolute no revenue
    stream of money in the
    development of a product,
    it is all cost.

    The money is in the marketing
    and the selling of a
    manufactured product.

    I hope the that the Office of
    Homeland Security has a
    selection process that
    can adequately evaluate
    products that it chooses to
    purchase or become involved

    I may not be aware of all the
    details, but for sure, I know
    the right questions to ask and
    the analytical thought process
    to smoke out ‘pure fiction.’

    I plan to evaluate this further,
    and I will report accordingly.
    I may even consult with the
    FOIA process to find out
    what was filed and requested.

    If anyone else can provide any
    pertinent facts, I would be
    interested in hearing of them.

    There has been a lot stated,
    and I think that it is important
    that this be sorted out from all
    aspects, including private
    enterprise, and government
    processes and delegations.

  22. Jeff Burch

    According to an article on, Transit Authority founder Yosuf “Yo” Maiwandi claims that the Transit Authority was going to launch a program to get funding from government agencies for surveillance technology developed by Eriksson. Presumably, they wouldn’t have mentioned to the government that the only people they’d be watching with all that grant money would be some paraplegics on a bus. But according to Maiwandi, this plan to get their hands on our tax money might now be in jeopardy because of Eriksson’s bad driving, “Now this guy crashes his car and everyone wants out,” Maiwandi told the Whittier Daily News. Mr. Maiwandis sgvta websites no longer exist, I’m sure his Attorney was appalled at the level of misinformation found there as well as Mr. Maiwandis talking to the press and posing with his police badge in the early days of the investigation, more of his ego showing. I’m also sure that the LASD investigators have cached copies of all his web pages once the sgvtapd became involved. The real investigators will weed out all the fact from fiction and the courts will come to a decision of who did what when and what was legal and what wasn’t…that’s our system and a damn good one!

  23. Susan A. Kitchens

    Hm! I hadn’t noticed that the website is down; hadn’t checked in a while. (can’t remember if I saw it with the .gov address.) You can see it (sort of) from a google cache, but that, too, will expire. comes up in google search results for sgvta. The server won’t respond to that request, but there *is* a google cache for it, too.

    Carry on.

  24. Susan A. Kitchens

    Okay, I’m going to quote some of the stuff from the page. (I downloaded a copy of the cache of The only edits I’ve done have been to remove the html markup and line breaks. I did this because the display on the cached copy places some blocks of copy over the main blocks of copy)

    We welcome you to the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority Police Department website, where you can find out what is being done to improve transit safety and make our community a better place to live.

    We are in an exciting era of technological progress and plan to use the latest technologies in communications and electronic systems to manage the roadways and transit systems to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

    We understand the importance of a coordinated public safety effort and are diligently  working with the many cities located throughout the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, and the State of California to integrate and share public safety resources through SGVTA’s high-tech transportation and emergency management system.

    This department is extremely unique within the law enforcement community. The SGVTA Police Department has teamed police officers with engineers in a comprehensive effort to improve regional mobility. Please take a few minutes to learn more about the SGVTA Police Department’s Management divisions and services.

    The San Gabriel Valley Transit Police Department recognizes the challenges that await us and eagerly look to the future to meet those challenges.

    It is the vision of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority Police Department to, as closely as possible, achieve a transit system free from crime and disorder.

    Transit Police programs are designed to enhance safety, increase ridership and preserve the quality of our system’s infrastructure. Visible, measurable and specific programs increase accountability and maximize our resources. Forming partnerships and creating liaisons with other agencies and departments maximizes aggressive law enforcement and improves strategic deployment of our officers. Officer deployment is based upon citizen and operator input as well as crime data.

    The San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority Police Department is a vital component of the Greater San Gabriel Valley Transit System. Transit Police ensure the safety and high standards necessary to attract ridership and maintain an environment conducive to a healthy, vibrant transit system.

    Our vision embraces new ideas, develops each employee to maximum potential and respects established principles that support the Transit Police Department’s mission.


    If you would rather give your information by telephone, call the Transit Police TipLine at (877) 44-Tip-Us. You can leave information anonymously or leave your name and phone number and an officer will call you back.

    Call an officer:
    You can speak directly to a Police Department staff member weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call (626) 303-3505.

  25. Mike Zimmerman

    Dear Ms. Kitchens,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide a copy
    of the subject website.

    I read it 10 times looked for statements or even
    inferences that would support the statements that
    I have heard concerning this website.

    There are nine paragraphs in the website
    statement and I briefly paraphrased and
    summarized each in the following.

    Frankly, I fail to see what others claim to see.

    Para 1. Welcome to Website.

    Para 2. The use of the latest technologies for
    Communication for roadway transit systems.

    Para 3. Shared public safety resources with

    Para 4. Teamed officers to improve regional

    Para 5. Looking to the future for meeting

    Para 6. Achieve a system free from crime
    and disorder.

    Para 7. Partnership with other agencies.

    Para 8. Transit Police ensure safety and
    high standards for the system.

    Para 9. A vision that embraces new ideas
    that supports a transit police department’s

    If the above just prevented one (violent)
    crime, the victim would be forever grateful
    and the intent would have been served.

    Consider a ‘relative’in a difficult
    situation being saved by the presence
    of a police image. The more visibility
    of police presence, the more the fear is
    instilled in the cowardly perpetrators.

    I might add, from a professional Madison
    Avenue standpoint, it reads like an
    enhanced and expanded Mission Statement
    from the corporate world. Take away the
    name and you would think it was a Fortune
    500 Company. There are tens of thousands
    of such corporate statements patterned as
    such on the Web.

    Again, thank you for the information.

  26. Jordan Goodrich

    Mr. Burch,
    I think you have a distorted and biased opinion about Mr. Maiwandi.
    For some reason, it appears that you feel you have inside information
    about him and his daily activities, as noted above in your comments.

    Actually, Mr. Maiwandi’s picture in the paper was a legitimate
    effort to offset the negative publicity and attempt to provide
    the public with the pertinent facts of the San Gabriel Valley Transit,
    not an “ego” trip, as you are claiming.

    Unfortunately, the authors of the website portrayed the police dept
    as a large scale, modern, technologically advanced department, when,
    in fact, it was solely for the use of providing background checks on
    volunteers and providing a secure environment for the elderly and
    disabled passengers. These facts were specifically clarifed by
    Mr. Maiwandi in the Times articles written by Richard Winton.

    In regards to your comments about greed, is it not true that the primary
    objective of every business is to not only provide a service or product,
    but to make a profit? This is the primary principle in the foundation of
    our economy. Therefore, why would it be mis-construed as greed if indeed,
    Mr. Maiwandi desired to make a profit on his company?

    So far, Mr. Maiwandi has paid each and every cost associated with the
    company out of his own pocket, and has not benefited from any other funds.
    His main objective in creating the company was to help the elderly and disabled
    by bridging the inter-city gap in transportation for medical necessity. Again,
    clarified in the Times articles by Richard Winton.

    The real victims in this whole thing are the passengers who now must suffer again
    as they no longer have the ease of inter-city transportation to reach their medical appointments.

    You are correct in stating “The real investigators will weed out all the fact
    from fiction and the courts will come to a decision of who did what and when
    and what was legal and what wasn’t…that’s our system and a damn good one!”
    I am sure Mr. Maiwandi is awaiting the outcome of the investigation and will
    greatly appreciate your apology when all is said and done.