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From Malibu Ferrari to Monrovia Transit

Bouncing around the world…. the Swedish guy whose rare red Ferrari breaks in half in Malibu pulls out some quizzical ID from the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority. He’s eventually busted for theft and fraud. But a blog in Australia (okay, it’s a Californian who moved to Australia) digs into the connection, and in a […]

Cloudsat launched in the wee hours this morning

It’s gonna go. No, it’s scrubbed: Communication problems. Rescheduled. Nope, weather problems. Rescheduled. Oops, try again. Such was the Will it? Won’t it? back n forth over the last coupla weeks as the rocket with Cloudsat and Calipso sat on the launch pad at Vandenberg, waiting for the right time to launch in its split-second […]

Book Festival this weekend

LA Times Festival of Books takes place this weekend at UCLA. I’ll be there. I stood in line last Sunday to get tickets to the panels (sorry, Kevin Roderick, it turns out I’m not going to one that you’re moderating, though I believe Doc M might be). It’s always a hither and yon thing, attending […]