Wine Cellar Dinner at the Athenaeum

No, this is not the steam tunnels. A table for 12 set in the wine cellar of the Caltech Athenaeum. Notice the many wine glasses. One paired with each course (of which there were many). Notice the pipes above. We are in a cellar. See the cases of wine in shelves on the wall. They’re secured by chains, in case of quake. Oh, speaking of quakes, in the little cellar wing around the corner, there’s a Richter Scale instrument bolted to a cube of concrete. A bright yellow ethernet cable connects it to whatever network of instruments Caltech has. So when you hear that measurements of magnitude N.N were measured in Pasadena, this is one of the spots that does the measuring.

UPDATE: Since I’ve got some incoming traffic about the Athenaeum, here’s the link to the beginning of the Wine Cellar Dinner photos (to continue in photostream, click the photo thumbnail on the right)

Coming up…. a visit to Fleming Cannon, which has been returned to its rightful (and temporary) spot…..