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Rising Gas Prices

Okay, okay, contrary to what I jokingly said to Grrl the other night on the fone, the rise in gas prices is not to pay for that Exxon CEO’s obscene retirement package. This who’s to blame roundup by Joe Gandelman states several theories, of which one –by Henry Payne of the Detroit News — stood […]

Fleming Cannon returned

Fleming Cannon returned Originally uploaded by auntialias. After dinner at the Athenaeum, we ambled down the walkway to the spot in front of Fleming Hovse where the cannon has resided (one of our number was part of the party that liberated the cannon from the San Marino school from whence it came back in the […]

Wine Cellar Dinner at the Athenaeum

No, this is not the steam tunnels Originally uploaded by auntialias. No, this is not the steam tunnels. A table for 12 set in the wine cellar of the Caltech Athenaeum. Notice the many wine glasses. One paired with each course (of which there were many). Notice the pipes above. We are in a cellar. […]