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Playin’ on top of the world

This came in email from my bro-ski: The world’s tallest tennis court at the top of a hotel in Dubai. The players are Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. So, uh, don’t go chasing balls, now….

Iran, Rumsfeld, Generals, Cheney, Decider

A few illuminating posts from my Iran, Iraq, oh shit, oh dear reading: Belgravia Dispatch: Let the Swift-Boating of the Generals Begin. Written by someone who (formerly) supported the war, it’s a good analysis of things in response to the backlash against the Generals who’ve spoken out against Rumsfeld. But, most tragic, we have a […]

I wanna curl up in this chair with a book

The Bibliochaise mentioned (and pictured) on Gizmodo has shelfspace for 5 linear meters (or 16.4 linear feet) worth of books. Stupendous! [via BoingBoing]