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Mappa Fides

I linked to one mapping site recently. Here’s another, discovered via Daily Dish: Mapping Religion in America. The predominance of this or that religious denomination sheds light on the history of the settlement of the nation by this or that set of ethnic groups. There are some interesting quirks, such as a concentration of Jews […]

Beautiful Outrage, A neighboring district, and porkbusting

Well, no sooner do I post about beautiful outrage but then I see this: On Instapundit a link to the WSJ’s editorial excoriating Congressman Jerry Lewis for stopping a process that would insert some financial discipline in the Big-Spending-Republican congress. I’m in the District Next Door. I just called Jerry Lewis’s office in Washington (202-225-5861) […]

Beautiful Outrage

One of my myriad “round tuit” ideas is to host a “beautiful outrage party” — a come on over, gather round the table with paper, pens, postage stamps, and have a time of communal writing of letters to various congresscritters about the current outrage-du-jour. Never have done it (this fits my new year’s resolution to […]