We’re in hot water

I’ve been meaning to link to an excerpt of the recent 60 minutes segment (see it via Windows Media or QuickTime) where NASA Climate Scientist Jim Hansen describes the science behind climate change and the manner in which the White House science office edited and toned down his report.

To put my own spin on it, here’s a photo of a mug I got for Christmas: Put in hot liquid and see the new coastline as a result of global warming and melting glaciers.

Mug of World Shoreline before and after

Florida? What Florida? How about that Amazon River basin?

(semi off-topic but this mug, if I pay close attention to it in the early morning, doesn’t exactly make for the yummy feel-good cuppa morning coffee experience. I’ve also another one where portions of the Bill of Rights disappear. Er, uh… wake up!)

One response to “We’re in hot water”

  1. Katrina

    It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like those of us in central North Carolina would possibly end up with oceanfront property–but my friends out on the coast wouldn’t have homes at all!