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An IV bag, tubing, piano felt, windsheld wipers and tape deck

When I read this article, I wanted to stand and cheer: Restoration Tips & Notes | Wet playing of reel tapes with Loss of Lubricant. Marie O’Connell guest writes at Richard Hess’s Tape Restoration blog on what to do when tapes don’t respond to baking. Bizarre? Well, yeah, sorta. But I just wanna cheer at […]

Alan Berliner’s Audiofiles

So I’m combing through searches for “oral history”.. and get some stuff that’s interesting but not on topic for the other site. I’ll post ’em here. (Did you know that Colgate bought Tom’s of Maine? they did.. oral health and something something history. heh.) Okay, this one is cool: AudioFile. Interactive sound art. (dated 1994; […]

We’re in hot water

I’ve been meaning to link to an excerpt of the recent 60 minutes segment (see it via Windows Media or QuickTime) where NASA Climate Scientist Jim Hansen describes the science behind climate change and the manner in which the White House science office edited and toned down his report. To put my own spin on […]

Just when you thought you’d won a battle with spammers….

So by late afternoon yesterday I was feeling triumphant— after some time wasted spent using ExpressionEngine’s Blacklist and Referrer modules to analyze and close gaps that referrer spammers were using to get in and hit me with spurious (very spurious) search results and such, I finally narrowed things down to a set of IP addresses […]

First image from Mars orbiter!

Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy has the First image from Mars orbiter, complete with measurements down to the pixel and a Google-Earth based comparison at the same scale. We’ll be getting lots of image detail from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, that’s for sure. Oh-so-related: See JPL release on the first test images from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.